Launching Missiles At Goats: Iraqi Refugee And Comedian Yaseen Mazin Finds Humor In Tragedy

Yaseen Mazin was six years old when he first saw U.S. soldiers in his Baghdad neighborhood. His family fled, and as a teenager he was living in a Sacramento suburb. That’s when his older brother played him a George Carlin comedy special. It had an impact, and today he works through his past — and speaks up for refugees — as a stand-up comedian, finding the humor in tragedy.

The View From Here: A Year At Encina - Student And Staff Profiles

Six profiles from "A Year At Encina."


1,100 students. 21 languages. 56 teachers. Encina Preparatory (6-12) High School serves families who come from around the world and across the street. This year we explore culture, resilience, challenges and change in suburban Sacramento. More reporting at

"Man Behind the Curtain"

Chris Carlson is the man behind the curtain of a bicycle-mounted puppet theater, “Wetface Puppets.” Take a ride as he wanders the streets of Sacramento. His goal: “mess with people.”

A Year At Encina: "When Soccer Is The Common Language"

From the streets of El Salvador, Iraq and Sacramento, the boys of Encina Prepartory High School's varsity soccer team band together and win game after game. Despite a lack of common language, the powerhouse team figures it out, finding friendship and purpose through their love the sport. Devoted to their coach, the boys learn lessons they can use on and off the field.

Demolition Derby: It's A Family Thing

The Holt men have demolition derby in their blood. For 3 generations, the Modesto, California family has participated in demolition derbies all across the state. At the Sacramento County Fair, they enter the arena not just as family, but as friendly foes.

"Ourselves, but Louder" - Independent Pro Wrestling in Sacramento

Sacramento resident Joshua Littell has been a fan of professional wrestling for much of his life. However, when he was 29 his interest turned into a new identity beyond his day job as a waiter. On the third weekend of every month, he wrestles for Supreme Pro Wrestling (SPW) in Sacramento as Sir Samurai. Take a look into his world.

Smash Bros. Tournaments at Cafe Colonial

Thirteen to 30-year-olds gather weekly at an Oak Park cafe to brawl within the virtual world of a nearly two-decade old, Japanese video game.

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City of Slow Rivers - Bob Stanley

Sacramento's outgoing Poet Laureate performs his original poem "City of Slow Rivers."

From Tehran to Carmichael - Violinist Ardalan Gharachorloo

Ardalan Gharachorloo is violin soloist with the American River College Orchestra in Carmichael, Calif. He has pursued his passion for music since beginning to play the violin at age six in his home country of Iran. Gharachorloo follows the tradition of his grandfather, the former concertmaster of the disbanded Tehran Philharmonic. Read the full story on CapRadio Music:

State Fair Midway at Night

The sun goes down and the Midway at the California State Fair lights up.